Furniture manufacturers and showrooms alike have billions tied up in non-moving product inventory – depreciating, collecting dust and incurring storage fees daily.

The standard procedure is this; Returned, damaged or last years’ inventory is stored at the distribution center, pending a clearance or warehouse sale. Unsold products, go back to storage. Over time – the storage footprint grows as inventory depreciates.

The single biggest limiting factor to selling this inventory geographic limitations.

If this inventory was VISUALLY ACCESSIBLE and APPEALING  to potential buyers NATIONWIDE, the likelihood of selling it would surely skyrocket, right?

You may be thinking; “Sure, but if my items are stored in California and a designer in New York wants to purchase and install in the Hamptons, how do we ship it without losing even more money?”

We have a two-step solution. First; professionally inventorying and photographing the products. Second; once sold, shipping it through our newly launched Nationwide Final-Mile White Glove network in which costs are offset by our volume and partnerships.

Below is our step-by-step process…

1: Receive, Unpack, Inventory & Inspect 

All products are inventoried and labeled via EliteHQ. Customers have access to their entire inventory throughout all Elite Distribution Centers.

Upon unpacking and inspection, any damages are photographed, notated and communicated. If the damage is repairable, we’ll advise you and offer on-site and prompt repair services.

2: Studio Photography 

Elite Anywhere in Carson California is equipped with a full-service professional photography studio.

Products are cleaned, set for the shoot, color-checked, photographed and cataloged by trained & highly experienced product photographers without ever leaving the facility. This is no light-tent setup!

3: Re-Packing & Storage 

Once the product is photographed, it is then re-packed for safe-keeping and re-labeled so it can be transferred from the studio to the secure and climate controlled storage facility.

Our comprehensive re-packing procedure ensures product safety as well as quick shipping once the product sells and leaves our care.

4: Editing the final images

This is not quick touchup editing.

Each image is individually edited by color-matching, cropping, background removal, masking and shadow emphasizing to ensuring a professional high-resolution image that will make your products shine.

The Final Product

The final product will consist of 4-8 images, delivered via link to a handy online gallery. You can download the images as full resolution tiff files (for printing) or low-resolution jpegs (for the web).

Connect with a white glove logistics experts today to learn more about this program and discuss your options.