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To satisfy growing demand, Elite expanded final-mile white glove distribution services to cities throughout the U.S. via the “Elite Partner Agent Network”.

Elite Agents are independently owned and operated moving and delivery companies – known for their reputation, customer service and attention to detail. And since inception, more than 450 locally owned companies have jumped on board.

We still have opportunities in our current and non-covered markets. Join America’s first and only Partner Agent Network family.

The Elite Partner Agent workflow is efficient and simple;

  • When a white glove delivery order is booked, Elite connects with local agents to confirm pricing and schedule availability.
  • Once pricing is approved and the delivery time window scheduled, the shipment will be routed to your facility via freight.
  • Upon receiving, agents notify Elite of any issues.
  • Shall issues arise, Elite will provide directions on how to proceed.
  • On the delivery day, agents notify the customer 30 minutes prior to arrival.
  • Upon successful delivery, agents notify Elite and provide POD.
  • Payment will be issued within 24 hours of delivery notification.

Expand the easiest part of your local business, white glove deliveries – without additional overhead or marketing. Since Elite only works with approved agents nationwide and agent opportunities per city are limited, the orders received are always guaranteed.

Elite handles all order logistics and coordination. You simply receive, deliver and get paid.

Welcome to America’s first and only
White-Glove Agent Carrier Network

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